Friday, 1 April 2011

Shellybobbins meets Theo Paphitis at the Launch of Boux Avenue in Glasgow

What an amazing day Ive had !! Boux Avenue Launch, when I arrived just an hour early to be sure I was on time, all the windows were blacked out security men with ear pieces in & wearing dark glasses, red carpet was out too !! You couldn't get near the window taking a peek at all, so many people turned up, lots of press there too !!! I was So EXCITED !!!

Ive taken a video of Theo cutting the Boux Avenue Ribbon and saying thank you to everyone who turned up so when I can work out YouTube again Ill up load it for you to see xxx

                                                                      THEO !!!!!

Amazing, helpful staff really beautiful  & very smartly dressed - Oh and they actually talk to you !! Oh and SMILE !!! yay explain to you tell you that the lace has been specially designed for Boux Avenue - so you wont find it anywhere else, Cant think of another name for changing rooms - these were amazing with mood changing lights !!! wow spent ages trying on lingerie - even got myself measured too, I don't know about you but Ive always felt uncomfortable how can I say, like having my space invaded, I hope I'm coming across to you OK, this is probably why Ive been wearing the wrong bra for years, I was made to feel at ease straight away - claire was lovely so helpful, nothing is too much trouble at all, I felt very special, Claire really explained everything to me, bras are very important in supporting you - So I think you all need measured I'm chuffed to bits gone up 2 sizes !!! LOL

Thank you Claire you made my day darling :-) xx It was such a pleasure to meet you I hope you ll keep in touch as I will be back x

Theo in the shop window !!!

Very vintage !!

Little luggage cases with digital photo frames in !!

The ranges that they had where really Stunning !!  take look also the Blog is amazing stunning pictures !!

Just a few little treats xx

Lace printed tissue !! love that xx

Theo even signed my enlarged picture tweet !!! which will be framed of course along with my picture x thank you Theo

Even though I had Shellybobbins on my t-shirt, Theo did say - "I know who you are" and smiled "Shellybobbins"

Shellybobbins Finally Gets her dream to met Theo Paphitis - You didn't just make my day or week - You made my year, It was so lovely to show support for you on such an important day, I'm so glad I was able to make it  

Love Shellybobbins xxx


  1. amazing Shelly, i bet you were walking on the clouds, so happy for you and hope that you had a wonderful day with Theo

  2. Oh Shelly that's great! Fabulous pics and how nice that you finally got to meet your hero Theo!!! Love from Andie_E xxx

  3. So glad you enjoyed your day. Looks like you got on like a house on fire with Theo!!!! Emma xx

  4. Aww Shelly, what a fabulous report of the day your dreams came true!!! - looks like you had an amazing day with Theo and knowing that he is a real gent, I can so see why! Fabulous Boux Avenue - fabulous Mr Paphitis! Fabulous Shellibobbins!! Love the T-Shirt!!
    Thanks for sharing your day with us! :-)

  5. I am so pleased you finally got to meet Theo. You look so happy in the pictures you can tell you were having a lovely time.

    So happy for you, if anyone deserved such an opportunity it is you darling

    wendy xxxx

  6. Thank you all so much for taking the time to leave your lovely messages, I really appreciate them, It was amazin to meet theo, what a lovely man & has fantastic staff too

    take care

    Love shellybobbins xxx