Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Determined To Succeed By Shellybobbins xxxx

When you hit rock bottom the only way is up, waiting for funding that could make a change for the better, researching, planning, courses, designing, making proto types, coping with rejection, bills needing paid, struggling with dyslexia, being disabled & constant pain, not having the right equipment to do what you need to do ie - land line & wifi, waiting for people to ring you back, helping others, blogging, finding stockist, suppliers, updating facebook, twitter, being a mum, a wife, quality time together, cooking, shopping, planning birthdays, planning a head too trying to find seamstresses (just in case) how do you publish a book when you've never done anything like this before ? ......................................NO THIS ISN'T A MELT DOWN ...........................................

I have come to far to ever give up & give in my first name is Determined, middle name is To and last name Succeed

AKA Shellybobbins xxxx shellybobbins on facebook or shellybobbins on twitter


  1. Shelly you are an inspiration with everything you have to do and put up with!

    I've no doubt you will succeed in everything you do, as you say, if determination is anything to go by, you have more than enough to succeed!

    x x

  2. Thank you such kind words, big hugs lovely lady, I know you follow me on facebook too, its really appreciated xx

    This week has been hard, & waiting for people to ring, is really difficult.

    I really helps to have such wonderful comments back thank you

    Love Shellybobbins xxx

  3. Shelly, you are one of the most amazing - and positive - people I know. You make me smile.

    And positive people succeed - so don't ever doubt it.

    Mads xx

  4. When u put in the h ard work u will always reap the rewards u just have 2 continue 2 believe in what u are doing i know u are destined 4 better things because i know how hard u work and how much u deserve the success. Onwards and upwards. Your loving husband hxhxhx