Thursday, 11 August 2011

Mr & Mrs Bobbins are having a baby ~~~~ Meet baby bobbins

I'm 7 weeks and 4 days, went to the hospital on the 9th Aug for an early scan to make sure everything was OK this time and baby had grown too, I was so nervous, the nurse switched the sound on so we could even here baby's heart beat too ~ how amazing

Ive got another blog everything will be put on here about baby bobbins, so if you would like to click this link and follow the story that would be lovely, I will need all the comments & help, ideas from you, our girls are 19 & 14 so I'm out of practice, I know you wouldn't mind helping Shelly & Mr bobbins along the way xxx

Looking forward to hearing from you

Love Mr & Mrs Bobbins xxxx


  1. Congratulations Shelley and Rob! Am delighted for you both (and the rest of the family too, of course!) xxx

  2. Wow - what fabulous news. Congratulations, and with two older siblings, this will be one very much-loved and adored baby, I'm sure!

    Also loving the new-look blog! x

  3. Oh wow, big congratulations to you both. I'm so happy for you.

    Dee xxx

  4. Hi Shelly, Hope all going well so far!!
    I'm sure "The Bobbins" will be the proudest family around once "Baby Bobbins" arrives, going to be spoiled with love & affection......Good Luck!!

    @jtfaelivi - Husband, Dad(of 5) & Business man xx