Thursday, 12 May 2011

Why not have an Embroidered Wedding By Shellybobbins

I make lots of handmade, handsewn gifts doesnt have to be for a special occasion but if it was for a wedding I could make really lovely old fashioned paper chains with a difference, The ones I make are with felt & embroidered too all handcut, & embroidered this lovely felt chain could be used for wedding with different colours of felt or thread I could also be used as a lovely first anniversary gift with time, date, names or just a special message.

I really loved the idea of old fashioned paper chains & just wondered how I could make them different I know after doing my research there wasnt any on the market, something abit different and unique too !

I make wedding cushions with names & date but again these could be used as a birthday or anniversary or just I love you.  I also love making wedding bells, horse shoes, hearts too.

Another idea would be to use my buttons in a brides bouquet with love messages or a date the bride & groom met, these can be then sent back to me & I can make a wedding cushion with the buttons sewn on to make the message speak for its self.

Favours for weddings no problem at all run some ideas passed me and I would come up with handmade & embroidered but better still a lovely unique gift for everyone personalised for ‘bride’ ‘groom’ ‘best man’ ‘bridesmaids’ anyone name I can embroider just making it that bit special as thats what a weddings about x

Gifts for bridesmaids can also be made, ring cushions embroidered felt envelopes to keep the wedding rings safe too.
These felt envelopes are fantastic just on there own & great for using to wrap gifts & very lovely way of personalising too.

these are fantastic as a name place setting for weddings and great to then ribbon on gift bags ~ another unsual gift for all kind of accasions & I made alot of these at christmas for family with their names on ~ great on the christmas tree too
I hope you like my ideas for you and pop by my lovely shop

Love Shellybobbins xxx

PS Its an Offence to copy anyones hard work ~ thank you xx

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