Sunday, 8 May 2011

Shellybobbins Now Donating to British Forces

How wonderful not only to make new friends on twitter & get to chat to a young & lovely couple, but also be able to help by donating money to British Forces Net Work if youve not been on this site please click this link & take a peek as it is a fantastic site

I came up with the idea quite afew months ago now,
I just thought how nice would it be to send your relative, loved one, a very unique card

These felt envelopes are hand stitched & can have either red or blue ribbons, the white card has been embroidered with "Note from Home" on it if you want I can personalise it instead "Love Note" anything you like really, button at the back may vary as these are vintage I am on the look out for milliary buttons if anyone knows where I can get a supply from, I would be grateful.

These envelopes can also be sprayed with perfume/aftershave too
(just an idea)

Just click this link and it will take you to my shop
20% from every sale will be donated & regually updates on my blog too about this

Love Shellybobbins xxx

It is an Offence to copy anyones hard work ~ thank you


  1. That is a really lovely idea! Especially like the idea of spraying them with a bit of perfume, very romantic

  2. What a lovely idea, very original and I would think anyone receiving one of these would be over the moon.

  3. What a wonderful Idea, I dont know anyone in the forces but am very passionate about raising much needed funds for our troops!
    emma x